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2015 Europe Trip

It was a busy and exciting summer for our U12 boys who took to the skies in search of testing themselves against the best competition that Europe has to offer. They took part in the world-renowned Cup No. 1 and Gothia Cup tournaments in Frederikshavn, Denmark and Gothenburg, Sweden respectively. The Gothia Cup, in particular, is referred to as the “Youth World Cup” for the sheer number, diversity, and quality of teams that participate.

2012 Scandinavia Boys

In what was a tightly contested, high scoring match, the Roman Tulis European Soccer School of Excellence’s U12 boys emerged victorious at the 2012 “Cup No. 1“ tournament in Denmark last week. Earlier in the week the jet lagged Roman Tulis U12 boys opened the tournament against a team from Strandby, Denmark. After going down a goal early in a nervy start vs. this Danish team, the Roman Tulis boys recovered to open their campaign with a 3-1 win. The following day the Tulis boys breezed past local side Bangsbo Freja 5-0 and that afternoon they secured their spot atop the group with an emphatic 8-0 victory over Uraedd FK of Norway. Then building on the momentum, the Tulis boys took Scandinavia by storm in their final group stage games.

2011 Scandinavia Boys

This 2011 European tour stated once more in the crowded mess that is YVR. As in previous years, 15 families came together, many for the first time. This would start a trip that would take nearly a full 24 hours to reach their destination and take 15 boys halfway across the world from the great white north to two tournaments in Scandinavia. Players, parents and coaches alike would spend the next 2 weeks together in a manner similar to many reality television shows. However, in this case there was no guarantee that anyone would walk away with a prize.

2010 Scandinavia Girls

There is a saying in the football world that sums up the beauty and ugliness of the game very succinctly: “That’s football”. This year, the 1997 girls’ team went to the Dana Cup in Fredrikshavn, Denmark and the Gothia Cup in Gothenburg, Sweden and they were educated in the true meaning of this footballing proverb. The girls started their trip with the usual 20-some-odd hour journey from Vancouver to Fredrikshavn and were greeted 15 hours after their arrival by the Swedish club Vasalunds IF. Tulis’ girls scored late in the first half and weathered the opposition’s attempts to level the score for an important 1-0 victory to open the tournament. Following a 12-0 win against IL Eiger of Norway, the Tulis Girls were on top of their group requiring only a draw in their final game to ensure that they won the pool.

2009 Scandinavia Boys

This year’s European tour to Denmark and Sweden was nothing but a huge success for the U13 boys. At the Dana Cup Tournament in Denmark, they finished 1st in their group stage with 7 points (2 wins and a tie) scoring 11 goals and not conceding any. This was the second-ever Dana Cup championship for the Tulis boys groups. Going in to the “A” playoff matches, their 1st big task was in the quarter finals against Orgryte IS, 3rd largest professional club from Sweden. The Tulis boys played with a lot of heart and determination and scored on a free kick 25 yards from the net with only 3 minutes left in the 2nd extra time to win the game 1-0 and move on to the semi finals.

2008 Scandinavia Girls

Back in 2001, the U13 Tulis Girls brought home the coveted Dana and Gothia Cup 1st prize trophies becoming the first Canadian team to ever do so and this year our U13 girls set out to follow in their footsteps. Despite their best efforts this was not in the cards for the girls in 2008; however, they did not come away empty handed. Their teamwork, work ethic, and never-say-die attitude proved them to be one of the strongest contenders in both tournaments and they earned themselves the 2nd Place award from the Dana Cup Tournament in Denmark.

2008 Scandinavia Boys

Winning a soccer tournament is not easy. Winning a soccer tournament in Europe, some say, is nearly impossible. The Europeans have soccer in their blood; they take the game very seriously. They are out to win. The Roman Tulis U13 boys’ team went to Europe to compete, to see first hand what “football” in Europe was all about, and to see how they measured up with their European counterparts. They knew that it would take all of their skill, discipline, and determination to do well and they gave it everything they had. In the end, they proved to themselves and to the Europeans that they did indeed measure up when they earned themselves the 2nd Place trophy from the Dana Cup Tournament in Denmark.

2007 Denmark

July 14, 2007, Frederikshavn, Denmark: In a hard fought final at Frederikshavn Stadium, the Roman Tulis U13 boys team won the Dana Cup “A” final and earned the gold trophy as best U13 boys team. The win marked the first time ever that a Tulis boys team and, in fact, any Canadian team, has won gold at this prestigious youth tournament.

2007 Sweeden

July 20, 2007, Gothenburg, Sweden: The U13 Tulis Boys completed their Scandinavian Tour today after earning a bronze medal at the Gothia Cup. The result represents the first time that a Canadian boy’s team has ever medaled at this tournament. It is one of the largest youth tournaments in the world with over 35,000 players and coaches representing 66 countries. The U13 boys’ class was a particularly competitive group with over 120 teams from countries such as Argentina, Colombia and Italy.

2007 Holland

The Roman Tulis European Soccer School of Excellence took on Europe’s best last week competing against players from some of the top youth teams in Europe at the 22nd Annual U-16 Invitational

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