Christine Sinclair Community Centre
Burnaby, B.C.

Do players need to try out for the summer camps?
No. The summer camps are open to all levels of boys and girls.
How are the campers broken up?
On the first day, the campers are broken up by age group and gender. Upon evaluation, a player can move around based on the coaches’ assessments. RTESSE is focused on the development of soccer skills in a fun and challenging environment and we do like to keep all players challenged. Note that a large part of our soccer camp is focused on individual development and we have many stations devoted to this which is then followed up by small sided games to put those new skills to use.
What is the player to instructor ratio?
We maintain a player to instructor ratio of no more than 14:1, with typical ratios being closer to 8:1, especially for our youngest players.
Do you offer specialized goalkeeper training at your camps?
No. Our camps are gear toward players. However if your child wishes to play in the keeper position we can place he / she there during the small sided games.
What does a typical day of camp look like?
Players begin and end each day as a large group where they will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of soccer and performance related topics (e.g., nutrition, injury prevention) from our knowledgeable coaching staff. Players will then spend the bulk of their day honing their individual skills through a series of targeted drills that allow them to explore important concepts from a variety of perspectives (e.g., isolated technique development, small-sided games, dribbling & shooting courses). They end each day with a mini World Cup tournament that encourages them to apply what they’ve learned in a fun, competitive environment.

Throughout the week, players are exposed to a variety of soccer concepts (e.g., 1v1 attacking, creating space off the ball) and are given opportunities to apply their new skills within the framework of each of these concepts. By focusing on particular aspects of the game each day, players will not only leave our camp with improved skills, but with the ability and confidence to apply these skills in meaningful contexts.

Players will have one short (5 minutes) and one long (10-15 minutes) break throughout the day to give them a chance to refresh, refuel, and relax so that a high-intensity training environment can be maintained. During especially hot weather, there will be extra water breaks scattered throughout the day so that players can stay cool and hydrated.

Is there after-care for the camp programs?
No. The camps are only half-day camps. All campers must be picked up at the designated finish time.
What should the campers bring?
Campers should wear appropriate clothing; shin guards, soccer cleats, warm-up jacket sweatshirt or rain top and / or tracksuit. They should also have a large personal water container (filled with water) and wear sunscreen.
What does each participant receive at the session?
In addition to receiving top-level coaching and instruction, each player will be given a camp T-shirt for training the first day of the camp, along with a snack and medal at completion of the camp.
If the weather is bad all day, will the camp be canceled?
The camp will go ahead rain or shine!
I’m worried about the heat for the summer camps.
RTESSE maintains a strict schedule for rest breaks. Taking appropriate breaks for the safety of the campers takes precedence over soccer training.
Can we pay by credit card?
We are looking to change this in the future but at this time RTESSE only accepts cash, cheques or Interac e-Transfer.
Is there team or family discounts?

Family discounts are as follows: the first player will pay the full rate of $175 and then 2nd, 3rd sibling will then pay $160 each. Note this only applies to siblings. Regarding team discounts, we do offer this option. Please contact for more details.

What is your refund policy?
Cancellation fee of $25.00 will be charged unless circumstances or injuries make it impossible to attend
My camper has a health condition, what should I do?
Please notify RTESSE via email prior to your first day of the camp about the health condition/plan of action needed for an emergency.
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