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Soccer Camps

Our Spring & Summer Camp programs are open to players 4-13 years of age and designed to challenge players in a fun, interactive environment that encourages skill development and risk taking. We believe that our combination of high-quality coaching, attention to detail, and positive pressure can ignite a lifelong passion for the game.

We believe that the value of a soccer school is only as good as its instructional staff. It is their purpose to “teach”, not just to let the kids play. The current coaching staff has been chosen very carefully to fulfill this purpose with each and every student. We have developed an outstanding curriculum and our coaching staff offers many years of soccer experience in all phases of the game.

In addition to on-field training and instruction, players at our camps benefit from our focus on the important habits that separate professionals from amateurs, such as nutrition, pre-match preparation, attitude and respect, and the importance of schoolwork and academics to further their sporting careers. Our aim is to do much more than just keep players occupied and entertained for the week: we want to leave players with strategies and nuggets of information that they can incorporate into their everyday lives to make them better athletes and healthier, more well-rounded people.

“We have searched for a program designed to teach and pull the talents out of a little athlete not just provide a glorified babysitting service masked as a soccer school. Over the past 4 years we have tried local camps and schools which promote their “over-qualified” coaching staff as introducers of the sport. Great!! But is there anything more?? One thing that this country is missing is dedication and passion with a twist of extreme. My two boys have not only learned 10 fold in one week at Roman Tulis as they have in 4 years of camps but came home every day exhausted as well as excited with what they learned that day and asking to go back for more. I thank you for creating such a challenging program.”

-R. Person

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