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Full-Time Program FAQs

What is the difference between your full-time training program and your camps?
Our camps run for one week at a time over spring break and summer vacation, while our full-time program runs once or twice weekly throughout the school year (10 months). Whereas our camps are open to any players who want to improve their skills and challenge themselves in a fast-paced, professional environment, our full-time program offers restricted enrollment to those players who are at an intermediate or advanced skill level in order to ensure high-quality training sessions for all of our players. The very youngest players in our full-time program may not have much soccer experience, but are typically gifted athletes with a desire to learn and improve.
Where does the Roman Tulis European Soccer School of Excellence train?
Our pitch is located at the Fortius Sport and Health facility in Burnaby (3713 Kensington Ave). It is a FIFA-standard soccer turf located immediately adjacent to the north side of the facility.
Is there parking at the field?
Is there parking at the field?
Can parents/family/friends watch?
We ask that all parents who wish to watch the training sessions stay on the track area.
What is the player to instructor ratio for the full time program?
We maintain a player to instructor ratio of no more than 12:1, with typical ratios being closer to 8:1, especially for our youngest players.
Can parents coach their children from the sidelines?
No. Our training sessions are NOT competitive games.  Our players are with us to learn and in order to learn, mistakes will be made.  Calling out negative comments to your son or daughter or gesturing does not go unnoticed and it distracts and upsets all the players, not just your own child.  We want players to “be the best they can be” and they cannot do so when they feel their performance is being constantly judged by parents on the sidelines.  We ask our parents to refrain from sending any messages to players unless it is encouragement and support!
Do you offer specialized goalkeeper training?
No, we do not currently offer specialized goalkeeping training. Our focus is on outfield players
If it rains or there is excessive cold or heat forecasted, will the training session be cancelled?
It is very rare that we cancel one of our outdoor training sessions, but if the weather gets extremely bad (e.g., ice or deep snow), we are sometimes left with no choice but to close our field. If the field is closed, but it is safe to drive, we will often replace our regular outdoor session with an indoor theory session where players critically analyze selected professional soccer highlights under the supervision of our head coaches, Felex and Nicole. If a session is cancelled altogether, we will offer make-up sessions in May and June.
If a player is sick or injured and cannot train, will we be able to get a refund?
If a player is injured or has a serious illness, we will waive fees if they are missing an extended period (e.g., a month or more) of training.  We require a doctor’s note and need to be told right away, not after the fact.
No partial refunds will be issued for individual sessions missed.  If a player has a cold or the flu and misses a few sessions, they are welcome to do make-up sessions with another group once they are feeling better. Note: This is not an option if they wish to miss their session for holidays or birthday parties.
Please be aware that all make-up sessions are ALWAYS done with younger groups; make-up sessions with older groups are not offered. All make-up sessions must be booked in advanced and confirmed by Maryann and the coaches.
If we have a family holiday or we want to do another sport at some time during the season will we get a refund or not have to pay for time missed?
If you choose to have your child not attend for one month for a holiday or to participate in another sport, we do not offer refunds or waive fees as you have committed to training with us for the season.  Therefore, you will still pay for that month.  Should you not wish to pay then we will consider your child withdrawn from the program.  We don’t train on a month-to-month basis and we don’t offer this option.
What happens if we decide to leave the program mid-season?
Should you wish to leave the program you MUST give us at least one month written notice.  For example, if you are planning to leave  on May 1st, we would need to receive written notice by no later than March 31st.  Earlier would be better as there may be someone waiting for a spot in your group and we would like to notify them as soon as we can. Once again, using the example above, If your notice is not received by March 31st, you will be paying for both April and May. Your registration and tracksuit fees are non – refundable.
How do I join the Roman Tulis Soccer School’s full-time program?

All players must be evaluated before joining our full-time program. Interested players can try out during one of our Summer Camps, at our Spring Break Camp, or on an individual basis throughout the season.  To arrange a tryout or for more information on training times, days, and program fees, please contact us at any time from September through June. Please indicate the player’s gender and birthday if you are inquiring about training days and times.

How old are players in the full-time program?
Boys and Girls 5-16 years old.
What are the training days for the program?

Training times and days will depend on the age, ability, and gender of the player. Please contact us at for more information.

What is the annual cost of tuition?

For tuition pricing and training day contact Maryann Lennox at

Can we pay the training fees monthly or do we have to pay up front?
We give you the option to pay our training fees all at once in September (or whenever you join the program), or monthly.
How can I make payments?

At present, we accept cash, cheques or Interac e-Transfer. We ask that if you wish to pay monthly for your training that you give us postdated cheques for the whole season when you start the program.

Does the full-time program require players to be available to play games on top of their weekly training?
No. Our program is strictly for extra training. We feel that players have enough on their plate with their own team sessions, games, and other extra-curricular activities and we don’t want to ask more of them.
Does my child still need to train with a soccer club or will your training suffice?
As we don’t offer competitive games, we highly recommend that players play with their local team as well.  We feel they miss a big part of their soccer education (and fun) if they don’t put their new skills to use in the context of competitive matches.
My child has a few friends training with you, can we tryout with their group?
This is not always an option.  All new players are required to tryout with the first group in their age level.  If the coaches feel that they are too strong for that particular group then they will offer alternatives.   Many of our higher-level groups are filled with players who have been training with us for many years and not all newcomers are an automatic fit in those groups. Our players must earn promotions into higher-level groups by working hard and excelling in the training group that they are placed in.
Do I have the option of only training once a week?
Our Junior Program, which is for players 7 years old and younger, do only train once a week.  Players in our Excellence Program are expected to train twice a week with their assigned training group. However, we do make exceptions for our very oldest and youngest players.
If my child’s group travels to Europe to play in competitive tournaments, do all players get to go?
We do not travel to Europe on a yearly basis; our training focus is on individual growth and development, not assembling teams for these trips. However, if we feel we have enough players to field a competitive team, then we will select the appropriate number of players (e.g., for 7-a-side or 11-a-side tournaments) from our training groups based on positional need and ability. Therefore, not all players will necessarily be offered a spot on the team.
Do you require my child wear a uniform for training?
Players receive a training kit when the join the program, which includes a jersey, socks, and shorts. You will be required to purchase a track suit as well. Optionally, we offer rain jackets for purchase at the start of each season; however, players may choose to wear their own rain jackets provided that they are able to move around comfortably while wearing them.
Do you give out report cards?

No. While we closely monitor the progress of each player and provide individualized feedback during training sessions, we do not give out formal report cards. Roman wanted his players to enjoy the process of learning and to be able to express themselves without fear of judgement. If you have specific concerns about your child’s development, please contact Maryann at

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