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The RTESSE Hall of Fame Award is a special annual award established in 2008 to honor all players, school volunteers, and advisors that have ‘qualitative or historical significance’ to the program’s overall success.
Congratulations to Niall Cousens (center) for being our 2016 inductee into our Hall Of Fame
Year Award Winners
2015 : Jovan Blagojevic
2014 Builders: Danka Tulis
2013 Players: Alexander Marrello
2012 Builders: Maryann Lennox
Scott Cousens
David Shankland
2011 Players: Eden Hingwing
Builders: Ron Hunt
2010 Players: Colin Streckmann
Mason Trafford
2009 Players: Marcus Haber
Kent O’Conner
Nathan Li
Gianluca Zavarise
2009 Builders: Milan Stevanak
2008 Players: Emilio Bottiglieri
Russel Huggon
Alfredo Valente
Adam Wallace
Terry Dunfield
Kevin Harmse
Santiago Fernández
Paige Adams
2008 Builders: Rick Simpson
William Turner
Dusan Kucepa
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