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Twice weekly training (boys)

Excellence Program Details

The Excellence Program is a 10-month program designed for those players who are dedicated to the game of soccer, who wish to push themselves to the best of their abilities and have aspirations of playing at the national level and beyond. Players who are accepted into this program train twice weekly for 1½ hours per session in an intense and demanding environment against some of the best competition available in their age group. Players become more knowledgeable and confident as they strive to reach their next “goal”.



Once Weekly: The fees for this group for twice weekly sessions are $2,250 (+ GST) for the 10-month program; you can pay the full fee upfront or you can pay $225 (+ GST) monthly for the 10 months.

Twice Weekly: The fees for twice weekly sessions are $2,250 (+ GST) for the 10 months or you can pay $225 (+ GST) monthly.

Other Fees:

  • There is yearly administrative / kit fee of $237.00
  • New players will be provided with a Tulis uniform (socks, shorts, and a jersey); however, we require all new players to purchase a tracksuit for $98.00 as well.
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