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Our Junior Program is a 10-month full time program designed for younger soccer players whoa re serious about taking their game to the next level. Players accepted into this program will train once weekly in a co-ed group for 1 1/2 hours and learn the fundamentals of soccer in a challenging and fun environment. Players develop positive training habits with emphasis placed on development of technical abilities through individual repetition and an understanding of team and tactical play through small sided exercises.


Once Weekly: The fees for this group for once weekly sessions are $1,500 (+ GST) for the 10-month program; you can pay the full fee upfront or you can pay $150 (+ GST) monthly for the 10 months.

Twice Weekly: The fees for twice weekly sessions are $2,250 (+ GST) for the 10 months or you can pay $225 (+ GST) monthly.

Other Fees:

  • There is yearly administrative / kit fee of 60. Should the player be promoted into our Excellence Program (once or twice weekly)0 at some point during the current season, your kit fee for that season will go toward the one-time only registration fee for the Excellence Program. If the player is promoted for a brand new season you will then pay the full $237 fee.
  • New players will be provided with a Tulis uniform (socks, shorts, and a jersey); however, we require all new players to purchase a tracksuit for $98.00 as well.
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