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Players in the News June 2010

June 2010 – The first annual Roman Tulis Memorial Alumni Game could not have asked for better conditions. The sun was shining, the temperature was ideal and over 150 people where on hand to take in the game. Throughout the years, many young boys and girls have been a part of the Roman Tulis Soccer school, and on this day over 30 of them returned as adults to pay homage to a coach that touched all their lives, with more players on the sideline due to injury.

The teams were split by birth years, with the odds years on one side and the even years on the other. The game started unlike most others, as there was a coin toss for the coveted blue Tulis jerseys, rather than for ball or side. As referree, and former Tulis parent, Tom Huggon called “heads”, the Odds team captain Russell Huggon grinned and grabbed the blue jersey. After sorting out starting line ups, taking team photos, and a one minute silence to honour Roman, the game finally started. The Odds held a decided advantage in scoring chances although they only had a 1-0 half time lead to show for it. Following half time, the Odds finally broke down the Evens defence for three more goals. Despite having as much ball possession as their opposition, the Evens were unable to create many scoring chances and had to settle for a single consolation goal, with the game finishing 4-1 for the Odds.

With the first game going the way of the Odds, how will the Evens respond? We will have to see next year.


Odds (Blue) Evens (White)
Caedyn Lennox (GK)
David Waterman (GK)
Russel Huggon
Emilio Bottiglierri
Cale Simpson
Adam Wallace
Kyle McDermit
Jovan Blagojevic
Nathan Li
Dominic Dmytrenko
Anthony Marrello
Michael Nonni
Sebastian Sobis
Dalvin Gill
Tim Ainge
Kent O’Connor
Owen Huggon
Ben Hunt
Tulis Jr (GK)
Matthew Gilmour (GK)
Andrew Veer
Mike Falco
Mike Waterman
Chris Huggins
Rory Hunt
Omari Aldridge
Ryan Peel
Gianluca Zavarise
Devin Delany
Brian Stevanak
Alex Marrello
Sean Haley
Colin Streckman
Shawn Parkes
Tony Dall’Antonia
Michael Belle
Kevin Harmse


Alum coaches
Angelo D’Augustino
David Shankland
Vince Donnelly
Jason Murthy
Karl Rydlo


Special ThanksAngelo D’Augustino
Rick & Linda Waterman
Karl Rydlo
Tom Huggon
Nicole Tulis (Event Coordinator)


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