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2002 Holland

Soccer Team Will Face Fierce Competition In Europe! – May 14, 2002

A team of local soccer players who train with the Roman Tulis European Soccer School of Excellence are off once again to Europe to fine-tune their soccer skills against some the best teams Europe has to offer.

Tulis’ U-17 boys team departs today for Holland. Their 14 day whirlwind tour will include two prominent U-17 Invitational Tournaments in Waalwijk and Eidenhoven, and they will find themselves up against such teams as RKC Waalwijk, Holland; Vejle BK, Denmark; Vati, Russia; Admira Wacker & Karnten, Austria; Sleza, Poland; Norrkoping, Sweden; Kiel, Germany; Nantes, France. >From Holland: PSV, Roda JC, Fortuna Sittard, FC Den Bosch, AZ Alkmmar, NAC, De Graafschap, and from Belgium: KV Mechelen and RKC Genk.

These boys competed last year against some of Europe’s finest premier youth clubs in Holland and came home with a very successful track record. The boys opened their tour with a very exciting exhibition game against Ajax Amsterdam and went on to obtain 1 win, 4 ties and 2 losses at the International U-17 Soccer Tournament in Eidenhoven, Holland.

The Roman Tulis European Soccer School Of Excellence is a skills training school only. Players compete on their own local teams all around the Lower Mainland, and they do not play or compete together as a team throughout the year. “These European tournaments are very beneficial to players development,” says Tulis. “Whether we win or we lose, the boys come back from every trip stronger and better players”.

2002 Holland Tour Team List
Player Plaer From
Colin Bussey North Vancouver
Ian Humphries North Vancouver
Ljubisa Kos North Vancouver
Nathan Li North Delta
Nigel Marples North Delta
Ryan Peel Maple Ridge
Robert Pook Port Coquitlam
Eric Rush Maple Ridge
Mason Trafford North Vancouver
Evan Turner North Vancouver
Aaron Young North Vancouver
Gianluca Zavarise Burnaby
Roman Tulis Jr. Coquitlam
Kevin Harmse Coquitlam
Anthony Morrello Burnaby

Tulis’ U-17 boys team advances to the semifinals in the Waalwijk tournament in Holland! – May 19, 2002

A hectic day for the Tulis’ U-17 boys team – three games in half a day. That was the result of the tournament draw for the boys. But against the bad luck in the draw and yesterdays heartbreaking loss 0:1 against Admira Wacker & Karnten, Austria – last years champions of the tournament, the boys battled their way through to the semifinals in a fears competition against RKC Waalwijk, Holland – 3:0, DeTrefferf, Holland – 2:1, and Rostock Sieverfhager, Germany – 2:2.

After the last game, the German team came forward with a big compliment on the skills of the Canadian boys and asked for a group picture. Tomorrow, Tulis’ players face a team from the birth country of their coach – Spartak Trnava, Slovakia in the semifinals.

Tulis U-17 Boys
Statistics from the Waalwijk tournament (Holland):

vs Team
Admira Wacker & Karnten, Austria
0 – 1
Group Play
RKC Waalwijk, Holland
3 – 0
Group Play
DeTrefferf, Holland
2 – 1
Group Play
Rostock Sieverfhager, Germany
2 – 2
Group Play

The two wins and a tie, ensured the Tulis team advanced to the semifinals

Despite misfortune and intense competition, U-17 team captures 3rd place in Holland!

Tulis’ players came strong in to the game against Spartak Trnava a premier league team of Slovakia in the semifinals. Two times was the Slovakian goal keeper looking behind his back yet still saved by his best friend – the post. Miss “Fortune” turned her back on the boys totally when after undecided 0:0 game the opponent’s goalie managed to scramble out one of the five penalty shots and turn the win into Spartak’s favor – 4:5.

Such a close and unfortunate loss is hard on the moral of any team. The game for the 3rd place with Swedish premier league club – York Norrkopping might have started cautiously but soon the Tulis’ players gained their confidence back and won the game 2:0.

Spartak Trnava later defeated Admira Wacker & Karnten, Austria 1:0 and won the tournament. Home, Dutch teams positioned themselves on 5th and 7th place

Tulis U-17 Boys

Statistics from semifinals of the Waalwijk tournament (Holland):

vs Team
Spartak Trnava, Slovakia
0 – 0
4 – 5 (penalty shots)
York Norrkopping, Sweden
2 – 0

Win over the Swedish team brought the Tulis players 3rd place in the tournament

Europeans set austere environment for the Canadian Tulis U-17 team but cannot beat them! – May 26, 2002

The second tournament on the present Holland tour has been pepper seasoned for Tulis players who are experiencing that being a guest on European soccer fields is not exactly the same as being a guest at European hotels.

The very first game against the home team U.N.A. has indicated that this tournament will not be a walk through a park for the boys. Their opponent showed no mercy at personal contacts and unfortunately neither did the referees who gave the home team quite obvious propensity. But Tulis boys showed no fright, stayed focused on the game and lead it to a scoreless (0:0) tie.

In the same fierce atmosphere, the young Canadians fought against Belgium premier league team Krcgeng and at the end of regulation time lead 2:1. The referee, however let the game continue another 8 minutes in which the Belgiums were able to score an equalizer and turn the outcome to 2:2.

The character of the third game has not changed much but even though the referee again let the game go another 8 minutes longer, the home team DeGraffchap could not penetrate Tulis’ players defense and had to settle for undecided result 0:0.

Tulis U-17 Boys

Statistics from semifinals of the Eidenhoven tournament (Holland):

vs Team
U.N.A., Holland
0 – 0
Group Play
Krcgeng., Belgium
2 – 2
Group Play
DeGraffchap, Holland
0 – 0
Group Play

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